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Note: This page is from 2012, full of plans having become reality. The project keeps on going on since.

De lastpost - information in English

Go to the English language section of this page International choir singers welcome!

For now, the main reason to put information in English on this website is to invite international students and PhD's to sing in the project choir.

This is because, quite unexpectedly, in 2014 it became clear that expats with some choir experience feel quite comfortable in the project choir even if they do not understand Dutch at all. The music is international, the main story is widely known and the other choir members are happy to translate the conductor's directions if he forgets to speak English (or is incomprehensible anyway). They will also translate the texts if you want; there is plenty of opportunity for that before and after the rehearsals.

See the following blogs and pages, in English:

The Nuisance, a Multi-vocal Story

De Lastpost is a new and contemporary choral narration of the Passion according to Matthew; both the text and the music are new, primarily intended for young people who like to sing.

The title De Lastpost means 'The Nuisance'. This refers to the superficial level of the story in which a visionary rebel is betrayed, vilified, convicted, mocked and atrociously executed. Below (or in or above) that, is the story of a man who lived, and knowingly sacrificed himself, for his ideal of a new world of life, freedom and love, and by that managed to inspire the world to try to do the same. Some people express this in quite different words: that Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins.

The subtitle 'Een veelstemmig verhaal' has many different meanings:

  • many parts - our passion consists of about twenty-five parts, all very different;
  • multi-choral - it is meant to be performed by several choirs;
  • polyphonic - most of the music is truly vocal, horizontally written, often modal;
  • many narrators - the story is told (i.e. sung) by the various characters in the story, not by a single narrator;
  • many perspectives - we see Jesus through the eyes of Mary, Judas, Peter, the soldiers, the children, etc.;
  • many moods - from a joyful Pesach celebration, through a really painful flogging, to a surprisingly hopeful ending;
  • many meanings - most of the texts can be interpreted in several ways.

The Project

De Lastpost is not merely a new passion, it is an ongoing project. We simultaneously write, publish, practice, and perform, and have done so from the very beginning. The project choir discusses and tries out the texts and the music; to have a project choir, you need a performance; the performance will help to make De Lastpost more widely known; to practice the music, it is published online as it is being written; to publish music online, you need video recordings; for video recordings, you need choirs, etc.

And: to get it all organised and financed, you need a foundation, sponsors, supporters and funds. Help!

And, who knows, to maybe make a new international version of De Lastpost in German or English, we need a lot more help!

Or, as a start, funds to pay a student to make a proper international version of this website. Help!

The Scores

Maybe you are interested in reading and hearing the scores; you do not need to know Dutch for that. Just follow the links on the page Alle liederen (= all songs). Every page contains the score, sometimes it is embedded in the page, sometimes there is a link "partituur" (= score) in the right-hand-side margin. There, you will also find deep-links to a bible site where you will see the original text both in a Dutch and in an English translation.


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